Our Legacy

Providing the highest quality and most dependable services to our clients, while maintaining uncompromising values and unparralled integrity.

Company History

Celebrating a 30 year milestone, Applied Inspection Systems, Inc. is a leader in non-destructive testing. AIS has evolved to meet industry needs through expansive services and industry areas, while increasing our ability to provide premium non-destructive testing service to our clients.


Client relationships are the foundation of our success and are how we have become the company we are today. AIS is proud to have clients in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Barbados, and Japan. Through uncompromising values and dedicated staff, we continue to grow our services, train client-centric specialists, and always be a leader in the NDT industry. 

Safety: Our Top Investment

The safety and health of every employee is our top priority. AIS leadership accepts responsibility for providing a safe working environment. Employees take responsibility for performing work by safe standards and practices. As a team, we hold each other accountable to assure safe working conditions in the company and for our clients.
Applied Inspection Systems, Inc. has an exemplary safety record. Since our establishment in 1990, we have had zero OSHA reportable. A significant part of our work is at remote locations, often in challenging environments. For assurance, comprehensive training and on-site coordination of site-specific safety policies get completed.
AIS invests in the education of safety and the training of our team. J.J. Keller & Associates manages our OSHA & DOT compliance needs, supporting our safety culture. Their team trains safety awareness, how to reduce risk, and follow best practices. The partnership also allows us to stay current with changing regulations.